“Haunting, wistful, beautiful. A unique musician, and one of incredible calibre.”, June 2017.

“Doyen of the spontaneous” Colston Hall, Bristol, March 2017

“Bristol’s finest musician” Guitarist Magazine, July 2016

“brave, unrepeatable and impossible to describe…punk as fuck” Bristol 24/7, May 2016

“extraordinary musicality” Bristol 24/7, Feb. 2016

“an intimate glimpse into the mind of (a sometimes troubled) genius… songs defy pigeonholing…range is mesmerising…honesty is almost frightening.” Record Collector,  April 2015

“the whole thing is very atmospheric and moving, and unlike anything else you’re likely to hear.  A brave and successful venture.”  fRoots, April 2015


“If reality is the territory, then language is the map, and Paul Bradley is the playful cartographer, changing the shapes and colours of the map to give it an aesthetic logic of its own, his own.” Charley Dunlap, Listomania (Bath), Dec. 2014

“We use the word ‘incomparable’ far too loosely but it is genuinely impossible to think of another artist like Paul Bradley. His vocal skills and (upside-down left-handed) guitar technique alone are remarkable, his technical facility with loop technology outstrips all those ‘loud. louder, stop’ merchants but even those qualities are less significant than his capacity to unleash his imagination in public. Sat alone on that chair, surrounded by a largely involuntary audience he turned the blank canvas of the moment into an elaborately animated painting that, as he’d said, was unrepeatable…” Tony Benjamin, B24/7 Culture/Music (Bristol), March 2015

“Consistently captivating” The Guardian, 2012 

“Wonderful” Independent on Sunday, 2009

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